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Part 2 to Introduction to Jivin - Windy City MUX Vampires [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Part 2 to Introduction to Jivin [Oct. 21st, 2006|07:12 pm]
Windy City MUX Vampires


(sorry this took me a while!)

Logfile from Windy City.
Teadora grimaces, "That was not kind of them. You are already so much more than they will ever be." she says, laying hands lightly on his shoulders again. So cool, her skin. "You are a fledgling, but soon you will be able to stand on your own feet, an equal to many and a better to more." she explains.

"Guess that depends on how much I focus on learning," Jivin offers. One of his hands lifts to slide over your own in a light caress. "How long does it normally take?" he asks curiously, turning his head so he can look back at you.

Teadora nods, turning her hand over so that they are palm to palm. "It will take some time. Sometimes weeks, sometimes years. It depends on the individual. I can teach you all the facts, all the protocols, but only you can instill the control that you will need." she says, squeezing his hand, lightly.

A small smile flickers across Jivin's lips at the touch, and he slowly wraps his hand about your own. "Then all I can do is my best and hope that it is enough. I am willful, but am not known for my restraint," he offers, sounding mostly amused at his own character assessment. He lifts your hand, keeping his eyes on yours without allowing them to drop as he brushes his lips across the back, then steps back to help you down off the sink.

Teadora smiles, "What a gentleman." she murmurs, as he helps her down, and she makes the movement into a work of art, all one smooth motion. "You will do well." she says, stepping back into the outer room, her hand still in his, "Sit with me. There is one more thing we must do." she says, "Before anything else."

He allows you to lead him into the other room, Jivin arching a slight brow at the mention of that one more thing. "Which is?" he asks, all curious, but there is no hesitation as he pads after you.

Teadora sits down on the edge of the cot again, lifting up her other wrist, and gazing into his eyes, "I need to bind you closer to me...so that I may help you more...fully adjust." she says. She lifts her wrist to her lips, her own fangs tearing into that pale flesh, blood starting to well from the wound, "Drink." she says, quietly.

Jivin takes a seat on the cot next to you slowly, the other brow joining the first as you lift your wrist. He reaches out, however, gently taking it in his hand, and offers a flicker of that lopsided grin of his. "Am I going to be doing this a lot? Drinking other vampire's blood?" he asks. Though he asks, he does not wait for an answer. He lowers his mouth to the wound, his tongue darting out to brush lightly through the blood, then wraps his mouth about you, beginning to drink what you are offering him.

Teadora winces slightly at that. It's hard to get used to. But she doesn't show much reaction other than that. She allows him to drink for some moments, before gently pulling her wrist away, and yes, she's much stronger than she should be. "It is...an intimate thing. But...sometimes necessary." she says, quietly.

There is no fight as you take your hand back away from him. Jivin leans back, licking his lips clean of your blood, and nods his head. "Like the therians need to touch?" he asks softly.

Jivin turns just enough to reach for his clothes, but does little more than pool them in his lap at this point. You don't seem to mind him being naked, so why bother to hide? "What about these other lines?" he asks, canting his head so he can look over at you.

Teadora smiles, "There are several known ones, in this time. The most populous are those of Belle Morte, of which you are...almost definitely numbered, Morte D'Amour, less so those of the Traveller's line, Padma's and Dracul's. Queen of Nightmares line you had best...avoid irritating."

He seems to be trying to take in all the names, but it is clear he will have to hear them again later. Jivin grins a bit, and rubs the soft silk of the shirt between his fingers. "Perhaps I should focus on learning about me first, huh?"

Teadora nods, reaching up to press a hand against his cheek, "How are you feeling, now?" she says, asking about him for now, rather than reciting all the lore and protocol, for a few minutes.

There is a slight shrug of his shoulders, and Jivin offers that lop sided grin again. "Just, trying to get used to being . . . not me anymore," he offers. "Not like I planned this or anything. It was very fucking sudden. But I cannot dwell on it, because nothing is going to change it now."

Teadora slides the hand down to squeeze lightly at his shoulder again, "You are still you. You are still the man you were before. You just have some new skills...a new...clan." she smiles at that, "And you have a lot of time to come to terms with that, yes. Change is...not always a bad thing." she says, gently.

"True, but it is not easy either. I was very young, now I am dead, and even though I have a new life, there are a great many things that I will never get to do," Jivin offers with a shrug. He knows those things are gone, so he is not going to even bring them up, not really anyway

Teadora bites her lip at that, "You are far from dead, my boy, and there are many things that you can still do...for some time. For example, for the first few years, you have the option to father a child, should you wish. Were you female, as I am, that would not be an option. There are risks, but it /is/ possible. You have lost the sun...but you have not lost everything." she leans in, against him, trying to be comforting.

"I would not want to risk the woman that would bear such a child dealing with Vlad's syndrome. I don't know much about it, but I have heard that it is . . particularly nasty,' Jivin offers. He shifts, just enough so that he can wrap his arms about you. You are leaning on him, and snuggling is always a good way to go.

Teadora sighs and nods, "But like any thing, there are tests to be done, before birth." she says, reaching a hand up to gently stroke down through his hair, "What else can I say to help you to feel better?" she says, "It is always so much harder when you did not make the choice yourself." she says, quietly.

Jivin leans into the touch on his hair, something that it looks like he will never get tired of. "I don't think there is anything you can do, Tea, save for make sure I survive long enough to truly come to terms with it."

Teadora curls her fingers into that hair, sighing softly, "I will do what I can." she says, "Are you hungry, again?" she asks, quietly. Not moving away.
Jivin shakes his head, "Not yet. Probably will be in a little while though. Will I always be this hungry?" he asks, closing his eyes and just enjoying your touch, having you near him.

Teadora nods, having realized that as a Belle he would likely find comfort in such...companionship. "No...it will not be as fierce, given time. But at first, you feel as though you could drink the world." she says, eyes lost in reminiscence. "That is why I am here."

"To keep me from trying?" Jivin asks softly, lightly stroking his hands up and down your arms, just petting carefully. Touch, yes. Of course it did not help that he was a sensual man to begin with.

Teadora shivers softly at that. She enjoys this as much as he does. Takes one to know one, after all. "To keep you from succeeding." she says, one hand placing an iron grip on his thigh, to demonstrate her strength.

There is an arch of his eyebrow, and then he clears his throat slightly. "That is quite a grip you have there, Tea," Jivin offers, but he knew vampires were stronger than humans.

Teadora moves then, lightning fast, pinning his arms against the raw cement of the walls. Suddenly you might notice the brackets in the wall, for chains, "I need to be. I need to be stronger than you, at least for a time." she says, breath against his cheek where she has him pinned. He has the advantage of height, but she has the advantage of being slightly stronger, and faster and fully aware of her own abilities.

"You keep this up, and I just might think you are looking for a good time," Jivin whispers. Okay, so he whispers it after a brief flash of panic and a little mini struggle before he could get his inner beast under control.

Teadora grins, finally flashing fang. Clearly more discreet and skilled at keeping them hidden, "That is a lesson to teach you as well. But usually that comes...later." she says, still holding him there, as though it is no effort at all.

Jivin is not fighting against you either, letting you keep him pinned as you will. "A lesson? You really believe I need to be schooled in such things?" he asks softly, arching a brow in mock indignation.

Teadora lets him go, finally, "Typical male..." she laughs, "Think you are the devil's gift to the gentler sex?" she says, lightly, settling back down and curling her legs beneath her, perched on the pillow of the cot. Head tilting, "You are stronger now, faster now, and your passions may very likely be...uncontrollable." she says.

"No, I am no gift to anyone - except for Koray. I guess the silver sand had to work in place a nice red bow," Jivin offers, settling more comfortably back against the wall and settles his hands over his stomach as he looks over at you. "And yes, I can already feel more . . . "

Teadora smiles, "You are quite lovely, you know." she says, gazing at him, there, "What do you feel?" she asks, whispering, eyes burning like green flames, now.

"Just . .more. I thought I was a sensualist before, but I knew nothing of the senses. I smell more, I hear more, I sense more, I taste more . . just everything is more," Jivin offers softly, lifting his hand to twirl one of your curls about his finger.

Teadora smiles, leaning a fraction closer to him at that, eyes falling closed, "Yes...it is...a world of pleasure, if you can accept it." she murmurs. One hand moved forward to balance her.

Jivin turns his head so he is looking more directly at you, a smile tugging at his lips. "YOU going to teach me that too, Teadora?" he asks softly.

Teadora smiles, eyes burning slightly brighter, inhuman, as she says, in a breath, "Only if you want me to." and she moves closer, almost brushing her lips to his, but just out of reach.
Jivin moves a fraction of an inch closer, almost as if he is offering his lips for that kiss, but is not closing the distance, not claiming it or you. "I think we would both enjoy it very much," he murmurs softly, hand moving to slide fully through your hair in a gentle, light caress.

Teadora smiles, and then pulls back, just out of reach. She extends a hand, placing a finger lightly on his lips, "Soon, soon my child." she stands, "But for now, I must go." she says. Damn, another one of those control lessons.

Jivin nips lightly at your finger when you place it on his lips, but he nods his head slowly. "Alright," he murmurs softly, sounding just a hint disappointed, but then he is the one trapped in here all the time with absolutely nothing to do.

Teadora bends down, ever so slowly, offering up a rather nice view of her backside, to pull a couple more bags from her satchel, and a book. It's ancient, leather-bound, and rather dusty, "Here...a little...light reading. A history of our line." she says, a smile in her eyes.

One brow arches up, and Jivin does indeed enjoy that view. You have been eye-balling him all night, turn about is fair play after all. It is clear though that his interest is piqued by that book, and he offers out his hand for it. "Thank you."

Teadora places it in his hands, her own handling of the book is reverent. It's not an original copy but old enough to warrant a librarian, a vampire librarian's careful respect, "I will return tomorrow night. You have a few more hours before sunrise. Make the most of it." she says, moving to the door after picking up the satchel.

Setting the book carefully down beside him on the cot, Jivin takes the clothes you gave him and drops them in a neat pile on the floor. "I will," he assures you, taking the book in hand and then moving to prop himself up against the wall with the pillow behind him for cushioning and support, very carefully opening the book.

Teadora pushes a code into the lock by the door, and waves slightly as it pops open, "Until tomorrow night." she says, slipping out in one liquid motion.