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Whatever words I say, I will always love you. I will always love you... - Windy City MUX Vampires [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Windy City MUX Vampires

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Whatever words I say, I will always love you. I will always love you... [Aug. 6th, 2006|10:49 am]
Windy City MUX Vampires


[Current Location |Seventh House Cafe : Basement]
[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[music |Lovesong : Voltaire]

Seventh House Cafe: Basement - Grand Street: East
    The stairs lead down into an area designed to be the foyer for the underground suite. Slender white columns rise upward to the left and right of the doors, ending in a curved arch that gives the stairs the feel of mirrored french doors. Flanking the columns, twin Strelitzia Nicolai (White Bird of Paradise) plants spread their graceful leaves in a fountainesque arch that reaches nearly to the ceiling. To the far left one can make out a pair of french double doors that lead to a cozy alcove, the design meant to balance the effect created by the stairs.
    Closed doors stand flank the siting area, leading deeper into the suite. A dining table holds sway over the rightmost section of the room, the deep mahogany tones matched in the eight high-backed chairs arranged in precise lines around it. A lush fern holds court in the center of the table. Overhead, a brass and glass chandelier casts a mellow light upon the dinners. Hunt scenes matted in muted shades of red and green adorn the walls in this section of the room, a swinging wooden door providing entrance to what one presumes to be the kitchen.
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Obvious exits:
Stairs <O>  Double Door <DD>  Wooden Door <WD>  Library <LI>

It has been several nights, although Tyburn did warn that he would not necessarily stick around to watch Ivanya with her lover after the party. But with their link keeping them bound close, she can be certain that he never went far from Chicago - no trips abroad or the like. Now, he has returned. The smell of him intrudes first, then he is there at the foot of the stairs, hands buried in the pockets of his jacket. "You are unhappy?" he asks without preamble.

Lounging in one of the more comfortable chairs in the entry room reading, Ivanya's eyes closed as the scent of her truest love fills the room. He has been absent, as well as her lover, the only scent in the room belonging to Iva herself. No, even if Tyburn had stuck around, he would not have seen her with anyone. She looks up as he appears, sad smile on her lips. "Yes," she answers simply, quietly.

Without waiting for an invitation - it has been a long, long while since he required one - Tyburn comes further into the room until he can lower himself to his knees before Ivanya's chair. He is grave, but compassionate. "Tell me why. You deserve happiness, my love, and I would know what keeps it from you."

Ivanya has never bothered to revoke his invitation to the home they once shared. Perhaps she's a sentimental fool, or perhaps she had hoped he'd return. She looks down at him, thoughtful, hand reaching out to cup his face. "I don't know what I want. Rene has been absent from me, flowing in and out of my life recently as if -I- should be grateful for his presence at all. But I don't think it's that which makes me so. I still love you. Want you. But I don't know how to let myself take you back as my only."

Tyburn considers this statement, frowning with his head tilted to one side. He nods slowly, "You have no trust left for me, and it seems unlikely you will regain that. As long as it is absent, it would be unwise to be with me alone." Surprising, perhaps, that he does not argue. "I am willing to come into and out of your life, acting as a sidelines lover while you determine if you can trust me again or not. But I will not remain here during it all. I will come and go from elsewhere."

Ivanya smiles softly, using the hand on his face to turn it completely towards her, to look into his eyes. "I have some. The part that I will always have, even if you do a tapdance on my heart. I -want- to trust you, Tyburn. I want to put away my bow and arrow and stop playing the hunter and be happy, like we were. What kind of messed up woman am I where I cannot just let myself forgive, forget, and be happy? Because I know I could be, with you."

Tyburn presses his cheek into that palm lightly, turning his head enough to brush his lips against the skin. Then, he shakes his head, "You think you could be, Ivanya. Even I don't know you could. I will never change, never become the image you have of me. I have been a vampire far longer than I ever was a human, and vampires do not change easily. You are still too young yet to understand that fully. -That- is why you cannot forgive or forget. Not wholly. But, I do miss you, and I long for you throughout my nights. I would be what you wish, or as close as I can. If it will bring back your smile."

Ivanya's small smile breaks at his words, the truth of them hitting her hard. "I find myself too young for everything, for all those around me. I wonder if everyone thinks me a child just because I have not hit a century or three myself, when they have no idea of the things I've lived through." There's a defiance and anger in her eyes, a shadow of the old, spirited Ivanya that once kept Tyburn company on the streets, once made love to him so fiercely they broke the bed, fought so passionatly it's a surprise either had voices the next night. "I do not want to change you. No, I would not have you be anything you do not wish to be, even mine. Mayhaps I will just give up on love, and settle for lust. Atleast that way, my bed would not be so lonely."

Tyburn frowns suddenly, rising up on his knees and moving almost faster than the eye can follow - definitely faster than the mortal eye could track. His hand comes out in a rush, rising to curl around Ivanya's head. "You will not," he hisses, even as he pulls her to him to capture her lips forcefully.

Ivanya would retort to his words, if she could. Instead, she finds her lips pressed so tightly against hers. All she can do it kiss him back, press the hand that was on his cheek into his back, fingers curling against his jacket.

Tyburn is as demanding as he ever was, taking her mouth, claiming it and making it his. His tongue tastes her, gaining entrance to her mouth and exploring there. His other arm rises for fingers to curl around her waist, dragging her across the cushion of the seat toward him.

Ivanya's legs move to either side of him, mouth parting as they do. She whimpers softly into his mouth, pulse pounding like some frantic drum. As he demands, she gives, letting him taste her, moving her body even closer to his. It's a kiss that doesn't speak of just lust, but the love she just considered giving up on, burning as hot as it ever was.

Tyburn growls lowly into her mouth, then slowly...leisurely...brings the kiss to a close. His voice is rougher than it should be when he speaks, deeper. "You will not give up on love, Ivanya. And if you will try turning to lust, you will find your suitors forced away. You have your Rene because you had him before my return. But I will not give you up to any others." His smile turns dark and the rumble in his voice is enough to raise fine hairs body-wide. "I do not play well with others."

Ivanya is left with slightly shaking hands at the end of the kiss, eyes starting to glow from the raised emotions. No one, not a soul, could ever kiss her like he does. Not her French lover, not those she's taken along the way. She shivers, looking into his eyes and nodding. "I will remember that. I suppose that I should send my newest suitors away, then, even though I was considering making the human one my Pomme."

"Do they make you happy?" Tyburn asks, his voice deceptively reasonable.

Ivanya thinks on that, for only a moment. "I have not known them long enough for them to do so, no. The human, he could make me smile, but only because of the reactions he had to me. He told me I make him feel like a school boy, but that will fade quickly, I'm sure."

Tyburn inclines his head. "Then use the human. We all need our nourishment. I will not stand in your way of it." He is silent for a moment longer, then queries, "And do you think you love them, or will?"

Ivanya shakes her head. "I do not love them. Not yet. You know I am slow to fall in love." She smiles, raising her fingers to brush along his hair. "Perhaps I will, in time, but not if one person can claim my heart fully."

Tyburn nods as he listens. He has released his fierce grip on her, but he holds her still, fingers stroking against her almost absently. He dips his head, his mouth claiming her throat for just a moment. There is a brush of fangs as if he would bite, then he lifts his head again. "It is mine, my love, whether you will give it to me yet or not. It will always be mine. Play with your Pomme if you wish. Keep your diversion if you must... for now. But I do not suggest inviding still more to share you."

There is a part of Ivanya that wants him to mark her with the fangs that brush along her neck. To label her as his the way his words do. She closes her eyes, desire a strong thing at even so slighty a tease. "You're right, love. No one else has ever held my heart so fully." She leans down to claim his lips, kiss soft. "Always, I am yours. No matter who may think they can claim me."

Tyburn murmurs against her throat, his lips hovering just scant millimeters away. "You would do well to remember that, my love. I won't give you up without a fight beyond any of our past rows." He returns her kiss briefly. "I'll keep watch over you during the transition period."

Ivanya's head tilts upwards, giving him all of her neck when his lips are still there. She looks into his eyes, lips curling at the corners. "I would not want it any other way, really. Though I don't consider myself any Helen of Troy." It soon becomes a full-blown smile, or as close to one as she gets nowadays. "Like some dark, fearsome angel?," she teases, leaning in for another quick kiss.

Tyburn laughs softly, returning the brief kiss before drawing himself back and to his feet. "Preciely like that. Fearsome when I must be, and angelic when I mustn't. But I will watch as much for your protection as my own satisfaction. But I will not necessarily be a visible presence as yet. I remain unsure how well I will adjust to knowing you have another lover."

"Another lover, but not another love," she says softly, watching as he stands. Ah, such a perfect height, she sitting in the chair and he at his full height. It's a very tempting thing that is placed infront of her face. Ivanya's eyes travel up his body slowly, until finally she reaches his eyes. "And only temporary, most likely."

Tyburn bends down, his hand moving to cup her head and turn it up to him. He places a kiss on her lips tenderly now, his own curved into a smile. "Do not end it because I ask you to, but because you want to. If you do not want to, then I will not push you. For now, though, I will leave you to your reading."

Ivanya smiles against that kiss, fingers playing along his arms. She blinks as he mentions reading, looks down to the book that fell on the floor as he claimed that first kiss. "Oh, yes. Reading." She nods, letting him go, but not before giving his arms a squeeze. "May the rest of the night treat you well, my love. And know that you are still welcome here, whenever. Be it in my bed, or the spare." She hesitates on words about to come out, then decides to say them after all. "I love you, Tyburn."

"And I will love you until time stands still, Ivanya." Tyburn responds, then draws away, turning to exit as he came.