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August 2007 Vampire Court - Windy City MUX Vampires [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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August 2007 Vampire Court [Sep. 24th, 2007|01:17 pm]
Windy City MUX Vampires



-NIGHT- La Pomme Rouge: Paradis/Enfer Salons - Cermak Road: Crimson District

The VIP room: Two salons come together to form one lavish area. Paradis (paradise), in the front, boasts elegant couches, fireplaces and a Victorian sideboard on the back bar; Enfer (hell), in the back, is a "den of inequity" with fabric-covered walls, dozens of pillows and the design decadence of an opium den. The only divider is a fireplace that serves both sides of the room.

Red is the base color for the two salons. Paradis blends the red with gold and white, and Enfer sets the red brutally against black and Tyrian purple. The floors of both salons are lined with various thick, soft, rich rugs, and patrons are often seen sprawling on the floor amongst the many pillows of Enfer. Food is served throughout the salons, but Enfer offers a small cigar bar. A wine bar is featured in Paradis, and there is a small dias with a white baby grand piano for private entertainment. Most of the time, the salons play whatever music is currently spinning in the cabaret lounge but not always. A few small enclaves are curtained off for a private rendezvous, and all feature a rich autumnal palette.

If one does not have passage, he or she has to either impress the guards at the door with impecable style or have an invitation from someone who does have passage into Enfer and Paradis. And while the guards are a nice touch, one could easily be more afraid of the beautiful patrons (and perhaps should be).

After delaying and moving court, the kiss has assembled in the salons of La Pomme Rouge. Savina arrives several minutes early with Samuel at her side. She slows her glide to walk calmly next to Samuel and approaches the low dais on the side of Paradis. However, she stops shy of the dais and turns to face the room. A couch has been placed there, and the dais is clear of furniture and piano. While she waits for more to arrive and the rest to settle in, she turns and quietly engages Samuel.

Agnese makes her way in, a hand smoothing over her skirt. The black mask is in place, though her other hand lifts to run a finger along one of the silver lines in it. She nods toward Savina respectfully and then moves to find a place to sit.

Samuel is nothing if not nervous though he does his best to keep the outward signs of it to a minimum - though a keen eye, or one familiar with him will no doubt detect it. He takes a seat on the couch next to Savina and watches the court enter singly or in small groups, curious what the reactions will be among those who know him but not what has happened to him. He smiles and widens his eyes good-humoredly at whatever Savina said, then murmurs something back to her.

The change of venue for the night only a mild distress to Barbara who chose to stroll the distance from one area to the next. With her skirt lifted from the street she strolled to the club, dropping the delicately pleated silk to the floor once she has made her entrance into the club. The welcome of the doorman into the private area is noted with a nod of her head, before she makes her way over to this evening's Hostess. "Good Evening, Savina." She murmurs with the slightly formal dip her head tilting to the side, before giving a similar dip to Samuel with a murmured, "Samuel." Moving to the side, and slipping into a seat she waits for the entrance of the Master and Mikoto.

Koray enters at the appointed time, give or take a minute. He's in a perfectly-tailored, black silk suit. He's right arm is given over toe Mikoto of course. He seems in a good mood: smiling, greeting people amiably. Perhaps it's because for once, he's not having to run court, he can just sit back and be a regular participant for once. He smiles at Mikoto between greetings, "I'm curious how this will go. I have a feeling they are both a bit nervous, despite outward appearances." He glances at Savina and her marked and then steers himself and Mikoto over toward Savina and Samuel to greet them. "Good evening, Savina, Samuel."

Mikoto slides her hand over the inside of Koray's arm in a gentle caress as they step into the private salons, looking around to see who all has appeared so far, ebfore glancing back up at Koray. She can certainly tell that he's not as tense tonight. An eyebrow lifts at his comment, lips curving before she chuckles softly. "Ah, but it's my turn next time, my love. And then you'll have to deal with me." There's a soft teasing, warning in her voice before her attention turns to Savina and Samuel. "Savina, good evening." Grey-blue eyes look to Samuel, softly curious, lips curved into a welcoming smile as she inclines her head. "Samuel.."

Rodrigo makes his way into Court relatively early. He's finishing speaking to Elle as they pass through the door - the woman walking alongside him, her right hand gently clasped around his wrist with her fingertips resting on the inside of his wrist. He steps through the door with a few other vampires ahead of them, smiling at Savina and Samuel as he approaches, his gaze sliding over to Koray and Mikoto. "Good evening, sir. I trust you are well? And Shiganami-san, so good to see you. Might I introduce Elle Carter, my business associate and human servant. Elle, this is Mikoto Shiganami, the Master's human servant." Introductions done he bows slightly, turning to Savina and Samuel and smiling at them. "Savina, Samuel. A pleasure to see you again."

Elle walks in with Rodrigo, she's rather quiet though, perhaps it is still jet lag from her visit to Louisville. Her head inclines to Koray and Mikoto, "Good evening," then when they turn to Samuel and Savina, she does the same there. "Good evening." There is very little on her features at this point to indicate anything.

Agnese raises when Koray enters, giving the proper honorific to the man before settling back down into her seat. Her hands fold daintily in her lap, and her dark gaze shifts off into a corner.

Savina smiles dulcetly and whispers a quick reply to Samuel, who sits at her right. She stands as others approach them. "Good evening, Barbara," she calls softly, warmly in a rich contralto. She smiles and nods as the vampire moves away and straightens when Koray and Mikoto approach. She inclines her head, shifting to reveal a clean line of golden neck as she falls into an old world curtsey that makes the elegant but short black dress she wears appear obviously otherworldly. "Master, Mistress, a good evening to you both." She lifts her heavy lashes and looks up at them again. She pauses while Rodrigo greets Koray and Mikoto then smiles to the other vampire pair. "Yes, it is a pleasure to see you again as well, Rodrigo, Elle." She smiles politely, kindly before extending her left hand to Samuel. "You know Samuel, of course." She smiles at her companion. "Samuel, this is our master, Koray, and his human servant, Mikoto." She smiles to them next. "Rodrigo and Elle you have met before..." Still, she smiles although for the introductions, it sobers.

Samuel stands a half a second after Savina does and laces his fingers in front of him. He nods and greets the others, a faint, self-conscious smile curving his lips at times as they come up to the dias. Naturally Koray and Mikoto get a particularly polite response: a bow and a subtle, though unmistakable, offering of his neck. "Master, Mistress, it is an honor to meet properly." When Elle and Rodrigo greet them he smiles and bows his head. "Likewise, Rodrigo, Elle. I'm curious to know how things went in Lousiville, but that will have to wait until later I guess."

The words of welcome from Savina gains a small smile from the British vampire, who had returned to her seat. Rising when the Koray enters, Barbara slips into a low curtsey as he and Mikoto pass, not returning to her seat waiting till they have taken their own seats, but waiting as they make their way through the crowd.

Koray inclines his head at Rodrigo. "Mmm, as well as can be expected. And you?" He smiles wryly as Elle as introduced. "We had the pleasure of meeting Elle a few days ago in fact. Though of course I met her a couple weeks before that as you know." He listens briefly to the conversation, nodding at Samuel's curiosity about Lousiville. "Indeed, perhaps Elle can tells us herself in this meeting." He turns to Mikoto then says, "And we should take our seats and let Savina get on with the agenda." He smiles at the vampiress of the hour. "Whenever you are ready."

Mikoto's hand tenses on Koray's arm, gaze shooting up to him for a moment ebfore softening again as she looks back to the leading pair. Rodrigo and Elle get a small smile of greeting and a nod of her head, Elle a slightly longer look. "Pleasure to see you again, Rodrigo.... Elle." There's a small quirk of her lips before she looks back to Samuel and extends a hand. "Welcome to the court, Samuel." As Koray brings her attention back to the time and that they are only participants this time, she looks up to him with a warm smile and a nod. "Of course." Savina and Smuel get a nod before she turns with Koray to pick out their seats.

Rodrigo smiles, "Certainly, certainly. And yes, we're well. Thank you," he murmurs to Koray, flashing a smile at Savina and Samuel - patting the other man's shoulder before heading for a seat and guiding Elle to it, taking a slow seat.

Elle doesn't show any difference even if she notices the slight tensing of Mikoto. A smile does finally lift for Samuel, with the barest of nods and then back to Koray, "Of course, if there is time," she murmurs politely and then is led off by Rodrigo to a seat, settling down. Although, she is stiff and unyielding to the point of keeping her back perfectly straight as they sit there.

Agnese turns her gaze toward Barbara and smiles toward the woman. A polite nod given to her before her attention sweeps toward the group of masters and their servants. The masked woman tilts her head to the side, but her gaze drifts away again finding some shadow or dark corner to focus upon.

Savina smiles and inclines her head again, "Thank you, Sire." She lifts her head and tilts her chin while members of the court, Mikoto and Koray included for tonight, settle in. Once everyone has found their places, she folds her hands in front of her. "Good evening to you all, ladies and gentlemen," she says with a clear, educated accent. "I apologize for the delay and change in venue. As to why? All in good time..." She looks around the room but never settles on a face as she continues. "As some of you may know, there was an incident at the block party. The situation was handled." The petite, exotic vampire does not smile as she finishes that bit of news. "I am sure many of you are aware of the massacre in Louisville, Kentucky. Activists went to Louisville to show their support including one of our own, Ms. Elle Carter. I hope she will have news of what transpired there to share with us." She smiles now. "Which brings us to introductions and declarations... Rodrigo, Elle, would you please begin?"

Samuel smiles as Mikoto offers her hand to shake, an offer he accepts and shakes with his gloved hand. "Thank you, Mistress." He returns Elle's smile, though her stiffness replaces it with a frown. Rodrigo's pat on his shoulder surprises him and he gives the man a quick, thankful grin. He remains standing as Savina launches into the agenda, gloved fingers relaced in front of him. He looks to Elle and Rodrigo as Savina turns the floor over to them.

A smile is returned to Agnese before her gaze moves from Barbara's countenance. Slipping into her seat with the movement of Koray and Mikoto into theirs, her own emerald gaze and attention moving from the Master to the Savina with interest. The comment about an incident at the event has a brow rising with curiosity, though she nods and transfers her interest to the woman Elle.

Rodrigo smiles and rises to his feet, sketching a short bow to Savina, "Of course, of course. Most of you have met her already, but," he gestures to Elle, helping her to her feet with a smile. "This is Elle Carter, the one I mentioned as being under my protection when we met last. She is my human servant now, and speaks with my voice. To the humans, the mortals she will remain as she is now - I will not go out of my way to advertise her new role and I will ask your discretion to help her maintain her abilities that are so crucial to helping us. She will continue her work running key areas of my transport business in addition to her role in mortal society advocating for our rights. Elle?"

Koray inclines his head at Rodrigo, then arches an eyebrow and Elle's bland reply. "I'm sure Savina can make time in her agenda for an undate on soemthing so important." Then he guides himself and Mikoto to a couch where they can watch, and participate in, the proceedings as needed. Indeed it seems Svaina decides to make time for Elle by putting her near the beginning of the agenda. He shifts his hand to take Mikoto's and waves over one of the vampires acting as a server tonight, presumably for Mikoto to get something if she wishes. He nods at Rodrigo's introduction of Elle to the court, then listens for her report.

Mikoto smiles warmly at Samuel before she turns away, tipping her face close to Koray to murmur soemthing. Legs absently cross as she settles into the couch beside him, fingers linking with his. The server gets a soft order and a murmur of thanks before she turns her attention back to court. Eyes flick to Elle at her introduction, head cocking for the report from Louisville.

Elle does also smile to Barbara, recognizing her, but the woman in the mask she has little clue. When they are addressed, she rises up as Rodrigo offers a hand. A smile and an incline of her head to Savina. Her stance becomes a little straighter and the more 'businesslike' notion sketches across her features and her voice becomes more distinct, with little tremor to hint at any nervousness she may have. "First, I'd like to honor Koray to let him know the Master of Louisville sends his 'Thank You's' for the support. It was quite tense, but as my mother is known for her political manipulations, for lack of a better word," this causes a brief smile to Elle. "She worked as smoothly as she has always done in such things. As you all have most likely heard on the news, due to the rallies and support, the five vampires were released. We were glad to be able to help in that instance. There is still murmurings of Human's First, but it is not thought that much of a problem will be given. For now, it should remain quiet, or so we do hope." Another look to Koray, "My mother sends her regards, Koray, she should be visiting at some point next month, with your permission, of course."

When Savina speaks Agnese turns her attention once more toward the group, her hands lifting to smooth over a stitching of her mask before they drop once more into her lap. It should be noted that she doesn't breathe, she doesn't move without a purpose.. Agnese does not fake the little things that many vampires do. There is no mistaking that this woman for a human being. She is wholly Other. Her dark gaze shifts toward Elle as she speaks, the mask woman as still as the grave and just as unblinking.

Savina smiles warmly and lowers her lashes at Rodrigo's short bow. The small, light golden woman with dark features continues to stand with Samuel to her right, but her attention rests mainly upon Rodrigo and Elle. She nods once however slightly. "Thank you," she says when it seems both have concluded. "And welcome, Elle. It is a pleasure to have you in our midst." She pauses and her dark gaze shifts and wanders to some unclear point in the room. "If anyone has any declarations to make about protection, apples of blood, or human servants, please take the floor." She soberly folds her hands in front of her once more.

Rodrigo remains silent, sliding back into his seat comfortably, one leg sliding over the other.

Mossy green eyes flicker from Elle to Roderick as he speaks, then back to Elle as she fills the court in on the situation in Louisville. The comment of the woman's parent's skill at political manipulations has the green gaze dropping for a brief second to study the gleam of Barbara's manicure, before returning to the speakers face. The mention the upcoming visitation from the mother requiring Koray's permission has her eyes flashing to The Master, then back to Elle. When Savina moves on to the news of new protection, Barbara remains silent but her eyes flicker with curiosity to Samuel.

Koray listens to the report, inclining his head at the thanks from the master of Lousville. "It is the least we could do." and then nods at the news Elle's mother may be visiting the city. "Of course, we would be honored to meet one who has worked so hard on our behalf." He seems to want to say more, but closes his mouth and forms his lips into a smile before looking to Savina to see what's next on the agenda - apparently it's not easy to remember he's not running the agenda.

Elle settles back down too, beside Rodrigo. Her hand going to rest on his arm as the inaudible sigh is released. She sits silent now, glancing to Samuel once and offering him a little smile across the room.

Samuel listens with obvious interest to Elle's report, eyes widening faintly at the news her mother will likely be visiting and the question regardling his posed to Koray. He returns Elle's smile even as Savina welcomes her. At the question Savina poses to the court he leans in and murmurs something to her, then leans back to watch the assembled and listen to the responses.

Agnese is still as the grave and just as silent, though her gaze shifts toward Savina and then away. Once more to the shadows. Tonight she seems a little obsessed with the shadows.

Mikoto looks up as the server appears with a small plate of food and a glass of wine by her elbow, taking them with a quiet murmur of thanks. Koray is partially used as a table as she gets her hands sorted out, listening to the report and glancing up to Koray. Lips quirk as eyes slide to Rodrigo, a sip of her wine taken. She remains quiet for the moment, though occassionally she cocks her head as if listening to something else.

Savina tilts her head as she finds Koray's visage amongst the mass of quiet vampires. Her expression is schooled to be polite but otherwise blank. She nods at Koray's words then leans to Samuel and shakes her head at something he whispers. After a wink and dulcet smile to her servant, she looks back to the room as a whole. "Thank you," she says again after a few small announcements are made. "I have an annoucement to make." She takes Samuel's gloved hand in her gloved hand and twines her fingers with his. "I have shared the marks with Samuel Kwon." She smiles up at the Asian man at her right. "Samuel, if you wish to introduce yourself further...?"

Barbara continues to be a silent observer tonight, her own smile warming as Samuel is introduced as having been honored by Savina in such a manner. A slight nod of congratulations given to the man has his hand is taken by the hostess.

Samuel looks to Savina as she stands and announces her anouncement. He unlaces his fingers when he spots her hand coming for his and lets her take it. He opens his mouth, then pauses, then apparently collects his thoughts. "Well, I think many of you know me already," he looks those who do, "and I know some of you better than I might like," an odd look goes out to Agnese, "but only a few know of my recent change in status. It's an honor to be a member of this court and I'm sure it will be an adventure at times as well." He smiles. "Just as Elle and Rodrigo wish to keep her status as servant unknown outside the court I do as well, so I ask that you respect my wishes in this regard. Mmm, I guess that's it." He looks back to Savina, a faintly questioning look in his eyes.

Agnese's dark gaze is torn from whatever shadow she watching to settle upon Samuel. A frown settles over her lip as he speaks of knowing some better than he likes. Her lips part and she takes in a breath as if she were going to speak, but all that comes out is a bubbling laughter.. A bit like nails down a chalk board in quality. A hand lifts pressing over her lips, and she is silent once more.

Elle listens to Savina and then Samuel. The warmth of her smile finally showing for him. When it is good for her to do so, she has the hostess bring her something to drink and to eat also. The pause is long after the hostess leaves and she looks toward Agnese now. That nails down a chalkboard causes a shiver to dance up her spine.

Koray is very useful at social event, as any vampire, since they don't eat or drink their markeds can lade them with food and drink and then keep their hands free for whatever might be necessary. He takes note of the announcements of protections and pommes, and of course of the remaining marked to be announced. Samuel's introduction earns and chuckle and an odd, questioning look at Agnese. Her response only deepens the curiosity.

Mikoto loves her table. He's very stylish, isn't he? A touch of amusement fills her expression as Koray accepts his duty of plate holder, nose wrinkling in a playful look before she takes up a bit of the food to nibble as she listens. Her greeting was already given to Samuel, so she nods before turning her eyes to Agnese. An eyebrow arches then lowers in a puzzled expression, hidden soon behind the rim of her glass as she takes a sip.

Rodrigo smiles as Samuel is introduced, glancing at the man as he speaks and settling back into his seat as Elle's food is brought over - drink and food. He slides his hand onto her thigh, his eyes sliding over to Savina silently.

Savina's lips hook into a strange smile of amusement before the smile smooths into something far more lovely and quiet. She gives his hand a subtle squeeze when he finishes then releases the hand. Savina doesn't mind. "Thank you, Samuel," she says in that dulcet voice. Her attention truns warily to Agnese for a moment before she smiles politely. Clapping her black leather encased hands together once, she folds them in front of her. "Very well," she begins affably before adding cooly. "Let us move on." Large dark eyes flutter along the sights of the room. "Now is the time for news and petitions." Her smile is as cool as her voice. "I would like to begin. Producers from the Concerta show have approached me however briefly about a few members of the kiss appearing on their show. I am not aware that Carrie Tutor has green lighted this effort, but I understand they are tossing around the possibility of pitching this to her and to us as well. If any of you are interested, I welcome you to speak with me about it, but I believe we should discuss this more with our master before deciding anything."

The delicate little sandwiches look to be simply that, not really filling, but keeping in line with the proprietries here. Before the hostess leaves, Elle whispers something else to her and a smile is given as she walks off again. She begins taking bites from it and then drinking the brandy afterward. She does listen to Savina as she announces that and slips a glance to Rodrigo afterward.

Koray has a free hand now that Mikoto has her drink in hers. He slides it over her thigh, much of which is bare in the short kimono she's wearing. He turns his attention back to Savina as she keeps the agenda moving along. At the annoucement about the Concerta Show he clears his throat and says. "The court would of course look very favorably upon any who would be willing to take the show up on this offer and acquitted themselves well on it." There's a particular emphasis on the 'and' in what he says.

Samuel almost seems to expect the reaction from Agnese though its particulars make him wince. No, that laugh is not a pleasant thing at all. His eyes look over the rest of the crowd, noding smiles and chuckles. "Well," he says softly to Savina, "at least I'm amusing if nothing else." He seems to settle back now that he's few seconds in the spotlight are over. Not exactly relaxing completely, but happy that things are past the parts most involving him.

The mention of the television show has Barbara looking up with interest. She nods briefly to Savina as if indicating she would seek the woman out after the court has commenced. When Koray adds his comments, her head tucks as a small smile plays at the corners of her lips.

Elle retains her silence and every now and then to Rodrigo she gives some slight nod. The food is continued to be eated and the brandy imbibed, but little more than that is given outwardly to the room.

Mikoto glances down to the hand on her leg before smiling and tipping her head to rest her cheek on Koray's shoulder for a moment. Eyebrows arch at the mention of the show, eyes flicking to Elle before back to Savina. Lips perse for a moment, Koray's response earning a small arch of her eyebrows in surprise. "Is this in response to the Louisville massacre?"

Savina looks around the room, catching eyes and nods and smiles. She smiles, too, and then nods. "Very well. We can discuss it later. If there are other announcements?"

Koray disengages his hand from Mikoto and stands wen Savina asks for any other news. He clears his throat, and pushes his jacket back to rest his hands on his hips. "I have some news which I think all of you here will find troubling. Shortly before dawn this morning I received a call from the Master of Louisville, one Kendrick." He glances at Elle before continuing. "As Elle has intimated he seems an honorable man. He regretted to inform me that apparently our newest vampire, Stevey, was indirectly responsible for the tragedy there, and has asked that Stevey be returned to Lousiville to face the consequences of his actions there. I have not decided what to do yet, as it was also Stevey who was responsible for dealing with a potentially disasterous situation at the block party - specifically he foiled a Humans First suicide bomb plot." He surveys the room to read the reactions as best he can. "Stevey is oathed to me and as such I am not compelled to return him of course, though things are rarely that simple. Also of course." With that he retakes his seat.

Agnese rouses a little, turning toward Koray. She shifts forward in her seat and asks in an almost listless voice, "Padronne.. May I make a suggestion?"

Elle has been media dodging for two days, the last thing she wants is some television show. A tired look flows about her and the arm from Rodrigo is welcomed as she leans against him. The food finally set aside. Her glance goes to Koray and it is the first time she allows a frown to her lips when Stevey is mentioned as indirectly causing it.

Koray nods at Agenese. "Certainly, the court is always open to other's opinions when difficult decisions such as this are at hand."

The comment regarding a new vampire who apparently brought destruction to another Court and then helped foil something of similar nature here brings Barbara's quiet consideration. Though her eyes at the cause of such trouble, directly or indirectly has a coldness creeping into her gaze, a hardness that removes the gentle curve of her lips.

Mikoto sets aside plate and glass to be picked up on the server's next circuit around, alsof reeing Koray to stand and make his announcement. Grey-blue eyes are concerned and she nods, having been at the block party and helping to cover thigns up. Yes, definitely not one of the simplest situation. As he sitsback down, her hand slides agaisnt his side to hook through his arm, rubbing lightly for support and comfort. Eyes look to Agnese, head cocking in curiousity.

Samuel frowns as the news about Stevey's role in the Louisville massacre is revealed (at least somewhat). He looks around the court as well, curious to see how other's feel about this. Koray at least is of two minds, but what of those under him? He looks to Savina last before looking over the assembled, defocusing with a faint sigh. Agnese's voice brings his attention back though and he waits to hear what she has to say.

Savina stands next to Samuel and watches, listens. Her attention turns to Agnese as the masked vampire addresses Koray. Savina remains masked behind polite blankness. Her emotions are impartial. The small woman stands with her hands clasped but turns her head to look at Samuel when he looks to her. When Agnese speaks again, she looks back to the masked vampire.

By the time Koray has spoken to her the woman's eyes have directed away.. Agnese finds herself staring at Elle, a frown tugs at the corner of her lips. Her attention is returned toward Koray. Her voice is still listless but a little more.. "alert" now. "Perhaps, Padronne.. Louisville Padronne will.. be satisfied if you punish Stevey in your own way." There is a strange gleam to her eyes, making them a little too glossy. "Perhaps invite him to send one of his.. to witness the punishment?"

Elle feels for a moment like she wants to ask something, but it fades off as she continues to sit and listen. The frown from Agnese is given a slightly more curious look, having no idea what she did now to deserve it.

Koray takes in the reactions, and does not seem surprised by any of them. He mms thoughtfully at Agnese's suggestion. "That is not a bad idea. I am not sure what he will say to it, but it's worth seeing what Louisville thinks about it." He smiles at the rubbing from Mikoto then smooths his face into impassiveness. He looks to Savina. "I think the floor is yours once again, Savina."

Barbara listens to the suggestion with an interested air, a look of consideration on her face. Then she lifts her hand and nods to Koray, and Savina waiting for a moment of acknowledgement.

"Thank you, Sire," Savina says. She begins to close the floor until she notes Barbara's movement. "Barbara, please," she smiles and unfolds her hand to gesture to Barbara, "go ahead."

"I think this is a complex matter. If this punishment, takes place Master it could be presented as another token of good will between our two courts. But there is also the question of if it could appear that our court was blindly following the wishes of the Louisville courts wishes. I know that most Masters who have been thus attacked would not be satisfied with anything less than a morning meeting with the sun." Barbara glances at Koray, "I understand this Stevey has assisted here, but does that excuse what he was responsible for in Louisville, and what would his punishment at this Court's wishes possibly bring about in response. It is a very complex thing indeed." Having risen she looks about, "I only see the complexity however, not the answer."

Elle leaves the politicking up to the vampires and murmurs something quietly to Rodrigo. He gives her a slight nod and takes her hand as he watches and listens.

Koray looks at Barbara as she speaks, head canted, one eyebrow sightly arched. "Indeed. Well, thank you, Barbara, for reminding us that our society is a complex one. I'm sure the new people here appreciate the euphemismistic approach you took in particular."

Samuel, his hands both free again pushes them into his pants' pockets. He starts fiddling with his keys subconcsciously, then winces as he realizes what he's doing and then decide to refold in front of himself. Barbara's discourse earns his attention though he seems a little confused by it - though he says nothing. Koray's response to it though makes him glance Elle's way with a faintly amused expression.

Her head bowing at Koray's rebuke Barbara retreats back to her seat, silenced once again.

Savina looks at Barbara and says in steady neutrality, "Mmmm. Indeed." She glances to Koray as she echoes him. Clasping her hands behind her now, she looks around the room. "If there is nothing else, we shall conclude now. As tonight's hostess, I invite you all to mingle, although I understand early departures." She smiles. "Thank you all, ladies, gentlemen." Thus concluded, she performs a low, sweeping curtsey before the court then rises, posture-perfect and turns to Samuel and smiles at him.

Elle rises up with Rodrigo and they make their 'goodbyes' to the group. A pause near Samuel as she reaches out for his hand briefly and a smile to Savina.

Savina smiles. "Thank you, Elle," she says as she nods goodnight to Rodrigo. Her smile is wide, almost relieved.

Agnese shifts herself up out of her chair, she drifts for a moment.. Almost aimless across the floor. And then turns toward the exit.

Samuel echoes Savina's formal ending of the court with a bow and then straights and takes her hand. "Well, we survived." He tugs on her hand slightly. "Let's mingle? And I could go for something to drink and eat, ching-ai-deh." He gives her hand a squeeze and takes a step toward the nearest server.