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Vampire Court - May 2006 - Windy City MUX Vampires [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Vampire Court - May 2006 [Jan. 3rd, 2007|06:38 pm]
Windy City MUX Vampires


May's Court is held in the Speakeasy as usual, though the warmth of the welcomed Spring is brought to bear with the beautiful bouquets that line the old roulette tables and various and sundry stages. Big, extravagant containers filled to overflowing with exotic blooms, each a different fragrance to delight the noses those of the taste-challenged. Beneath and below are tidbits tucked away here and there and, of course, the finest in beverage for those who make life worth living for those of the undead persuasion.

The woman in grey stands by the door, greeting all who enter, dressed in her pinstriped dress and sporting a grey felt hat on her silvery locks. Placid grey eyes smile with genuine affection at friends, and a smile is offered to faces familiar and not. As the crowd gathers, the stage is set for the news of the city to be told in these exciting times.

Teadora slips in on the arm of a new man, this Court. One of the startlingly blue locks. She smiles, and murmurs soft greetings to those whom she knows, and gives bright curious glances to those she doesn't, while always wearing a smile so as not to offend. So many dangerous new faces in the waters, these days. She wears a scarf, to match that gorgeous blue of her companion's hair. Almost as the knight's of old would have their ladies wear a silken token.

James enters on Teadora's arm as much as she is on his. He's dressed in his favorite formal attire, which, like Tea's scarf, matches his hair. He glances at people, but mostly keeps his eyes to himself and Tea.

Sometimes Miko forgets that this world she'd been pulled into appreciates colors other than black. Gret gets a warm smile of pleasure as grey-blue eyes look over the flowers. Koray's arm gets a gentle hug before she moves over to brush fingers lightly over a few blooms, sniffing appreciatively. A glass of said beverage is lifted and tasted, eyebrows rising slightly at the flavors. She glances over at Koray with a small smile and continues to enjoy the flowers until things start to come together or she's called over.

Rene makes his way in, using an antique walking stick of polished walnut and gold. "Bonsoir, mademoiselle" he murmurs as he passes by Gretchen. Quickly the man looks around, finding a place out of the way to set himself for the start of court. He comes to rest and folds his hands over the mythical carving of the cane’s handle, going still.

Entering alone, as has been the norm for the past few Courts, comes Ivanya. A vampire that notably has not been seen too recently. She walks with her normal grace, that slightly predatory glide to her steps, her head held high even if her eyes do not meet anyone's, directly. A bow of her head is given to Gretchen as she passes, a hint of a smile. In her hand is a collar of deep red velvet and metal, some etchings along it. Another small smile is given to Teadora, though she does not dare head towards the woman. Lowered eyes finding the cane, then traveling up it to find Rene's face, her smile becomes something brilliant as she walks over to him, places a kiss on his cheek. "Bonsoir, Rene," she purrs, Russian accent tingeing even her French.

Koray steers himself and Mikoto over to Ember and Jivin. "Mm, you look incredible, love," he says smiling over and down at here. As they near Ember and Jivin he says, "I want to introduce you to the fledgling, Jivin, before we get started. And Erik too if we have the time, afterward otherwise." He smiles at Ember and her charge and stops in front of them. "Ember, Jivin, good of you to make it." To Jivin he says, "Jivin, I want you to meet Mikoto Shinagami. She bears my marks." He looks at the man significantly, though his eyes flick once to Ember.

Teadora looks up as Ivanya enters, squeezing James tighter against her and raising her fingers in a hesitant wave, lips curling into a smile. A smile which is echoed as she spots Jivin, and Ember.

James glances up at Ivanya when Tea does, and leaning close, asks, very softly, "Is that the friend you mentioned the other night?"

Rene turns his head as his cheek is kissed. "Ivanya," he says to the woman, "you look more radiant each night." He returns the press of lips cheek and turns his stance a bit to the side to seem more inviting to her. "You have obviously been well, oui?"

Arriving alone, the massive figure of Erik navigates his way into the room. Tall and broad of chest, he has a healthy dose of Nordic blood mixed into his heritage. Erik is a force of nature contained, a creature seeming ill-fit for the environs of steel and glass, for those of silk and briefcases; the room is too small for him, or he is too large for it. There is the sense that if unleashed, he would consume everything in his path, tearing down bricks and stones to make room for himself. And yet, despite that ferocity, there is a roguish charm to his face, a crooked half-smile curving up the corners of his mouth. A polite dip of his chin to the Grey Lady as he passes, brilliant gemstone eyes, the color of cut sapphires, sliding over her, then on to his surroundings. Dressed in a black suit, he could just as easily be attending a funeral or firing squad. Catching Koray's eye, he offers a respectful dip of his chin, but otherwise does not immediately engage anyone.

A young woman, little more than a girl, moves about the room with an exotic man at her side. They entered earlier, greeted Gretchen, the woman in grey, politely then walked further into the room. The young woman dressed in white moves stops to speak quietly with some she has met since her arrival to this city. Her arm is looped through the man's; light and dark, yet both have black hair pulled into long braids. Moving closer to the master of the city, Ember whispers into Jivin's ear. She greets the pair with respect and stands silently as Jivin is introduced to Mikoto.

Teadora nods slowly to James, leaning herself against him with a strange expression on her face, which quickly resumes it's smile, leaning up to murmur something in his ear.

Rolf enters the room, removing the black overcoat he was wearing. He folds it neatly over one arm, moving to a chair mostly away from the others. Pulling it out just so, he settles down into it before sliding his right leg just so over his left knee, plucking at the cloth that covers his limb before settling his hands into his lap, fingers interlaced. His face is impassive, although he's glancing around the room in tiny movements.

Ivanya gives a dip of her head to Koray and Mikoto, looking over the new ones curiously. Her attention soon returns to Rene, however, and she gives him a little nod. "It is a story I will have to tell you of later. But I am well now, yes?" As Rolf enters, her attention moves to the man, and she gives him a bow as well, a small curve of lips that still manages to be warm. The collar in her hand is given a squeeze, something to steady herself, perhaps.

Rene's eyes drop down to the collar held in Ivanya's hand. "An interesting story to hear, I think." His smile shows, though of long practice, it is small and shows no teeth behind his lips. "I will await to hear it, ma cherie." He moves one hand from the head of his cane to place it upon the small of Ivanya's back.

Gretchen smiles and dips her head to Miko and of course to Koray, tea.. Ivanya and Rene. Erik is a new face, as is James and her foggy grey eyes flash with the slightest bit of a true smile within. The cast gathered, she gestures with her chin for the nameless thugs who guard the premises to shut the doors and take their positions. The grey lady thusly floats forward, her hands clasped behind her, smiling and her eyes eventually moving with that deep coastal fog to Koray. Her calming energy ripples from her like a stone cast in a pond.

Rolf returns Ivanya's bow with a slow tilt of his head. He doesn't smile, but his eyes do flick over her form - from her feet to her head, to her hand and at her conversational partners. Apparently satisfied, he lets his gaze begin to room around the room again silently before finally settling on Koray, just as still.

With the curious nervousness of a puppy, it is not hard to see that Jivin is by far the youngest vampire in the room. The young man still practically still radiates life, and is just a bit conscious enough to try and keep his fangs from flashing as he grins to those that he knows. He stays near to Ember, escorting the lovely lady, but his eyes do not stop from taking in those he has not met and does not know. Curious, yes, very much so. A lopsided, almost boyish grin is offered to Mikoto upon his introduction. "It is a pleasure to meet you, my lady Shingami."

James leans closer to Teadora, slipping his arm out from hers and putting it instead around her waist. "Is there something to drink here?" he asks her. "Or just..."

Teadora gestures gracefully to the tables behind the meeting area, where one can only assume that as of old the tables are spread for those with more varied diets. "Yes, my sweet. But I suspect we will begin our proceedings soon." she says with a soft tone.

Mikoto looks up as Koray approaches and smiles warmly at the compliment, a blush rising to her cheeks as she slips her arm through his again. Tilting her head, she brushes her cheek against his shoulder as she's lead to Ember and Jivin. Ember gets a smile of greeting and a small finger wiggle, careful so that she doesn't drop her glass. Grey-blue eyes turn to Jivin then, and her smile turns a bit shy though she doesn't shrink back. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Jivin." She glances at Koray a moment, then back to Jivin. "And please, don't trouble yourself with my last name. Mikoto is fine." She hopes that's not too informal, but it'd be odd to ask him just to call her 'my lady' or something. She does know her last name can be a mouthful...

Cordelia enters just before the doors shut. She stands in her old garb- veils of red and gold. She would smile, but no one would see it except in her large, dark eyes. Instead she offers a wave to those too far to speak with and whispers with those she is close enough. She eyes Koray and Mikoto before Ember engages the pair. She finds Teadora and her companion, and silently, stands beside them until she might speak with Teadora.

Ivanya leans into Rene's touch, taking comfort from it, making her posture relax just a touch. Her eyes stay on Rolf as she's examined, then flicker over to Teadora and James, holding the woman's gaze for a moment. 'Hello, lovelies,' is mouthed, before a smile tugs at her lips again. She leans into Rene, nodding smally. "It will be good to have your company again, dearest," she whispers to the blue-haired vampire at her side, one hand reaching up to play with a lock of his hair briefly.

Teadora turns to Cordelia as she approaches, disengaging herself from James enough to offer a light hug, "Cordelia! It has been too long...this is James." she murmurs, just above a whisper, before, calling out to Ivanya, "Evening Iva sweet."

Koray watches Ivanya moment, and then looks over the rest of the room to judge if enough are here to begin. A couple more minutes, he decides, even as the doors are shut, and then returns his attention to his circle of conversation. His face show approval at Jivin's greeting of Mikoto. To the other three he says, "We're about ready to being, so let's all take our places. We can speak more afterward." He catches Del's look and smiles at her before turning back to Mikoto, "Up to the head of the room with us."

James gives Cordelia a little wave, looking a tad uncomfortable when Tea is not as close to him, but still appearing quite friendly. "Hi," he says, very softly.

Ember returns Mikoto's greeting with a respect dip of her upper body. As Jivin speaks, she smiles and looks to Koray. However, her smile is for Jivin. He is doing well in her care despite her unmouthed worries. "The flowers are lovely," Ember comments, her gaze drifting around the room, taking more note of the room but admiring the flowers despite. Ember nods to Jivin, telling him that they should move before moving a short distance away.

Loitering on the periphery of the gathering, Erik pauses by the tables of refreshment long enough to pick up a drink. With Court about to begin, he positions himself towards the back of the room, off to the side where he can observe the proceedings with little difficulty. The drink in his hand remains ignored.

Koray waits a few moments longer while the vampires and others finish getting their drinks and get settled. He clears his throat once he has the attention of the assembled, he says. "We have a number of items I want to cover tonight, and I'm going to begin by getting the more austere one out of the way first."

Teadora curls herself around James again soon enough, leading him to the front of the room after speaking to Cordelia warmly.

That smile grows just a hint wider, and Jivin nods his head. "My lady Mikoto then," he offers. He nods his head to Koray, properly greeting his master, then steps back with Ember once more. His hand settles lightly on the small of her back, and he nods his head to her instructions. "Lead the way," he offers softly, but with a playful hint in his voice.

Rolf settles where he is, at the edges of the group but not uncomfortably away. He remains silent, watching Koray speak with the same sort of silent intensity he people watched earlier.

James glances back over his and Teadora's shoulders at Cordelia and then says softly to Tea, "she's pretty...is she one like you?"

Rene smiles at Ivanya, a fond thing and pleased. When Koray begins the proceedings, he looks up at the Master and holds any further words he might have been about to give Ivanya.

Cordelia shares in the embrace with Teadora, a small laugh like bells emitting from her. Although perhaps it is the tiny bells attached to her veils. A tiny tinkling erupts with her fine movements. "It has, my dear!" She eyes James, her hidden smile reaching her eyes. "A pleasure to meet you." Her dark eyes dart in Ivanya's direction, and she waves to the Russian vampiress. Quietly she takes several steps away from her old friend as Koray speaks, standing, and waiting for court to really begin.

Mikoto smiles warmly to Jivin and Ember, giving a small bow of her head before turning at Koray's urging to move with him to the head of the room. She takes a sip of her drink and shifts, keeping her arm linked with his but no longer so snuggled up against his side. Grey-blue eyes look around, trying to fix names with faces on those she knows and turning curious at those she doesn't know.

Gretchen moves to stand somewhere between Erik and Rolf, poised like a desaturated photograph between the dark and pale men. Her attention focused on Koray, her fingers grip each other gently before her, resting against her dress. "Welcome to town," she murmurs to the mountain of a Nordic Individual, her foggy eyes meeting his for just a moment before turning back to the Master's words.

Ivanya leaves Rene's hair alone once things start to come into order, but not before placing a kiss on his cheek once more. Her eyes turn to Koray, holding his gaze for a moment, before a smile comes to her lips. She falls into some measure of stillness, having not mastered the skill as the old ones have. Silent, and attentive, she listens.

Teadora places a finger lightly on James' lips, nodding, before turning, and going still, as Ivanya will eventually be able to, face unreadable, save for a slight ambiguous smile.

Koray begins with the aforementioned austere items. "As you know, there was an incident involving my human servant, your mistress, at Something Wicked the other night. This undoubtedly caused some concern amongst you." He pauses to look over the assembled and take in their reactions. "Rest assured that this is being addressed on both sides of the equation, so to speak. At the risk of repeating what most of you know, I will say what you all /should/ know. As far as this court is concerned, her word is mine, a slight to her is a slight to me. An injury to her is one to me." His power sluices out, a bitter cold spilling of energy that will brook no dissention on this point. "And I expect you to remember this at all times."

Like a tide that sweeps through the hall, Koray's power breaks in shimmering wakes around the islands of the various assembled vampires. Stronger ones fare better, where some of the younger and weaker vampires gasp at the bitter energy. Gretchen's eyes close only the slightest bit, and any humor on her face drains away. A lighthouse in the face of a storm, she remains a pale pillar to the rocks below.

Having been rather caught up in her own work, of late, Teadora had not heard of such things, and her eyes go wide. Wider still, as that power washes over, and she clings to James like a rock in a storm, stiffening silently.

Any vampiric news is new news to Ivanya, having been so out of touch recently. One red brow arches slightly at that, and she gives a nod of her head. She already knew the bit about Mikoto's word being his, of course, just not that there was an incident at the Wicked. She closes her eyes as the power of Koray moves over her, but her own power remains silent. Held close, tight, as her blue eyes open, to face her Master once more.

Rolf's eyes flicker slightly, and he tilts his head towards Koray - a sort of nod, as if acknowledging the rebuke with a pale, staid expression.

Rene's lips curve downward, disturbed that anyone had done anything to Mikoto. He gives a small shake of his head in silent disapproval and flicks a glance towards said Human Servant. He does not flinch at the wash of power.

Ember has settled into her stillness. Even her power is lulled, cool for now, held close around her body like an unseen cloak. Violet eyes are on Koray as he speaks, and her arm rests gingerly on Jivin's arm. She stands like a wall there- granted, a lovely, human shaped wall. But her silent stone posture speaks volumes to an astute eye. She is a trained fighter and a master. It is only at the wash of Koray's power that she moves. Ember tightens her hold on Jivin, her charge. The lady in white lends him the strength of her hold, keeping him from buckling. She murmurs something soothing and soft.

Mikoto takes a deep breath as she listens to what Koray brings up first. Her hand tightens slightly on his arm but she doesn't look down or try and hide as she would before. There is a faint flush on her cheeks as her eyes scan the room, spine stiffening slightly to brace for attention shifting her way. It's to be expected, after all. The feel of Koray's power brings a sharp intake of breath, eyes flicking up to him before dropping.

Expression unchanging, Erik stands fast in the currents of Koray's power, the shimmering eddies swirling around his tall locomotive figure. The Master's words are accepted although there is no altering of his stance.

Poor, poor baby vampire, for indeed that is what Jivin is. The others in the room might be able to endure that cool rush of power, but for him . . . it is like ice clutching at his very soul. He reaches for Ember, since he was already touching her as it was. Her strength, trying to draw from it, but it is clear that he is struggling in the face of that power, not able to simply shake it off like so many of the others surrounding him and he sways almost drunkenly while murmuring, "Shit," under his breath. So much for eloquence, right?

Koray withdraws his power then, though not completely. It settles around him like an expectant cool desert night. "The next item is one which is very near to my heart, and which I think many of you will find saddening." The tone of Koray's voice makes it clear he does indeed find whatever he is about to announce sobering. "Cordelia Ampeleon has decided to leave us. It was a very difficult decision for me to make, but she goes with my blessing. An old friend of us both has great need for her, but it is expected to be a temporary arrangement, and thus she will return to us eventually." He looks over the room. "Please stay afterward to bid her farewell, as she leaves in only a couple days."

James frowns at that, for Cordelia is rather attractive and he's only just met her. He pouts to Teadora, then looks at Cordelia, still wearing the frown. Finally he looks forward again.

Teadora uncurls from around James, and then stops dead at that second statement, a sharp intake of breath at that. So soon? But she turns, giving Cordelia an unreadable look, with a hint of sadness in it, before turning to James, and giving him a fortifying smile.

Ivanya is surprised, yet again, as her eyes seek Cordelia out. She will save her sweet words for later, as surely the red head has many for the woman she would call a friend. Her eyes show her sadness at that news, seeking to hold Del's eyes for a moment, give her a small smile.

Cordelia remains unmoved throughout until the brush of Koray's power. She sways lightly at that, and her heart saddens. As Koray resumes speaking, her dark eyes shine as she meets the gazes of her friends and gives a small nod that sends the bells tinkling at her sudden movement.

Gretchen has heard the news, but her gaze aims for Cordelia as well, and the Master vampire dips her head in a long, sobered bow. So be it. Those eyes are not without regret, but quickly do they leave the figure in the veils to scan the room, gauging the reactions of others. Her own energy reaches out in that calming wave, the sheltered harbor. It is a subtle press, a whisper of power and politely unobtrusive.

Mikoto's grip and her whole body relaxes as Koray dims down his power again, letting out a soft breath and taking a small sip from her glass. Grey-blue eyes look to Cordelia and there is sadness in them, her smile soft. Her hand lightly rubs over Koray's forearm, offering what support she can.

Koray takes a calming breath (not there are many other reasons for a vampire to breath). "But enough somber agenda items." He smiles now. "If I believed in fate, I would say she is more than making up for Cordelia. We have three new vampires to welcome to our court. I'll do them in, ah, order of appearance." He looks to Jivin. "The first to join us is Jivin Hutson, a fledgling of Belle's line, and, although the circumstances of his being brought over are unfortunate, under the tutelage of Del and Ember, who I will introduce next, he is adapting very well." He gestures at the young man. "Jivin, stand up and say hello, let the court see you." He smiles at the young man. "Don't worry, I'll put the others on the spot like this too."

Teadora goes into lockdown mode again at this, green eyes like glass beads, face like...alabaster, unreadable, though she does offer Jivin a slight encouraging smile. She slips to stand erect beside James, with merely the lightest press of her hand against his arm. For obvious reasons.

Rolf turns his gaze to Jivin. A slight dip of his head, and he takes in the younger man visually for long seconds before offering a small, oh so quick flash of a little smile. Then it's back to his normal impassivity, his gaze flickering back to Koray as he speaks.

James gives a little wave to the new vampire, then slinks back his hand, wondering if the wave might break some ancient vampire tradition. He instead slips his hand over Tea's on his arm and tries to remain as still as her. Very hard not to squirm.

There is a soft sigh from Jivin as that power is eased back and tamed. He clears his throat, offering a rather sheepish grin to Koray as he introduces him. His hand tightens on Ember, using her strength to help stop the undignified knocking of his knees and indeed he straightens up to his full height - not that that is much considering some of the giants in the room. "Evening all," he offers, and the sheepish grin turns boyish and just a hint arrogant. "Pleasure to meet all of you."

Mikoto gives Koray's arm another pet before she falls still again. Grey-blue eyes turn to Jivin and she smiles encouragingly. A small nod of her head is given to his greeting, a small tip of her glass in a toast.

Ember holds Jivin and stands firm to root him. Her hand tightens as if to nudge him onward. The girlish vampire smiles proudly at the young man, her expression breaking enough to make her confidence in him apparent. He will find his own way. They all must in the beginning.

As Jivin makes his introduction, Gretchen smiles, and with it, her calming waves seem to bloom with warmth, like a ray of sun might break through those clouds. She raises her hands, and offers that brave soul a small bit of applause. It is a very brave thing to stand up in front of a bunch of vampires and say howdy.

Ivanya turns her gaze to Jivin, giving him a little smile. Her attention doesn't focus on him for too long, though. She'd hate to tempt fate, after all. She leans further into the statue of a vampire at her side, hand moving behind Rene's back. Steadying herself, perhaps, in the face of temptation, as the other hand squeezes the collar she holds.

Koray smiles over at Mikoto and touches her hand with his as his gives Jivin his time to introduce himself. Then he returns his attention to the room. "Thank you, Jivin. As I mentioned, the next vampire to join us is Penelope Brelet, who prefers to be called Ember." He nods in Ember's direction. "Ember comes from my home of Istanbul and has also been mentored by Cordelia. She is a master of the Dragon's line and will be filling the roll of droite and enforcer." Another nod at the young-looking vampire. "Stand and make yourself known, Ember."

To those that off him a smile, Jivin offers one in return. It does not seem that he is a particularly shy man, just a bit off balance from the power thing. Once his own introductions are done, and Koray has turned to Ember, he offers her a quick grin, but lets go to allow her to introduce herself on her own. It might not be seemly or proper to have him hanging off an enforcer and what not.

James smiles, as he has met this one before. She was waiting for someone, and he wonders now if the person ever arrived. He wonders who the dragon is. Wonders if Ember is a dragon. Thinks that'd be pretty cool.

Teadora shivers as yet another wave of the sunny happy waves hits her, and she feels hives breaking out somewhere...intimate. Well something itchy, anyhow. Generally she likes being happy because /she's/ happy. She leans up against James, resting her head on his shoulder.

Ember maintains a strong hold on Jivin's arm that would appear casual, natural to most. She knows she will break her silence soon; her official introduction to the court is imminent. At Koray's order, Ember's solemn stance breaks. She dips her chin respectfully and takes one step away from Jivin, trusting the man to hold himself proudly if only briefly. "Thank you, Master," the girlish vampire says in an experienced woman's voice. "Like Jivin, it is a pleasure to meet you all. Please, know me as Ember. My family is long dead, long since burned to ash. You are my kindred now; and I need no family name." To her, 'Ember' is enough to remember her family by. With a slight bow and a sweep of the room with her violet eyes, Ember straightens and steps back. She slips a slender hand around Jivin's forearm.

Gretchen tries not to think too much out loud, and if she knew her energy made people break out, she'd probably be horrified. Gretchen reels it in as to not offend anyone else and continues her quiet applause as Ember is introduced. Her focus being on Koray and his words, she listens and watches. "Hmmm," she says with quiet speculation.

Teadora smiles at this similar stance to her own choice of Di Veneto as a surname, rather than her original surname. She claps, softly, before falling silent again, the mask dropping into place like a slamming trap door.

Jivin smiles brightly at his mentor as she steps back to curl her hand about his arm. He lifts his hand, curling it over hers and leans to whispers something softly to her before he turns his attention obediently back to the other introductions.

"Thank you, Ember," Koray says as she finishes. He gives Teadora an odd look as she seems uncomfortable, but says nothing. "Lastly," he begins after turning his attention back to the room as a whole, "I want to introduce Erik. Erik is a master of Belle's line and is here under an arrangement with me. He will take care of some enforcement duties as well as take over the Snakebite Bar in Bridgeport." Which probably no one knew Koray owned, but there you go. He gestures at the tall, Nordic man, and says with a grin, "Erik, I think you know the drill by now."

Ivanya's eyes move over Ember slowly, measuring the woman perhaps, before she nods. A silent greeting, and one without a smile, but somehow polite. Her eyes flicker over to Rene for a moment, before the next new arrival is introduced. He too is looked over, a nod given as she remains attentive to all the matters at hand.

James applauds new vampire number three. Wonders if everyone is a master. Thinks back and wonders if Ember is a reference to the dragon thing. Smiles at how smart he is to figure it out. He nods his head as he applauds, for that James Bond movie thing by Ah-Ha comes into his head.

Teadora moves her appraising eyes from Ember who she's already surmised that she /likes/ to this Erik, who is quite different from any Belle she's ever met. Interesting, however. She avoids the eyes though. They are drowning pools. She inclines her head respectfully, dropping into a slight curtsey.

Already standing at the back of the room, Erik is unflinching beneath the attention of the Court. This is not a man who was selected in death for his cherubic beauty or lithesome figure. Handsome, yes, perhaps if you like that sort; even dressed in a suit he has the charm of bikers and thugs and hellions. His jaw line is rugged and strong, his hands broad and thick. The energy that flickers around his figure crackles like cold-fire. Combining raw strength with sleek animalistic grace, he exudes a certain confidence that is both passionate and destructive. Towards Koray, he bends in a flourishing bow at the waist, saying, "Sword and arm to your service." Raising from the bow, he flashes a roughish smile to the rest of the room, expression animating with almost-human warmth.

Teadora coughs, shifting slightly on her feet, reaching up to push a random hair out of her face and curling her arm tighter about James' waist, waiting, more. There are other faces here she hasn't seen so she's uncertain whether there will be more introductions, or not.
The uncertainty will be written on her face, for anyone who can't read her mind.

Gretchen is standing somewhat close to Erik, and inclines her head to the newest addition. "Welcome to Chicago," she murmurs, since Erik is closer than the others up near Koray and it would not do to shout and holler across this room. She offers him a clap as well, though subdued.

Turning slightly, Jivin looks back toward the, well, rather large figure of Erik. One brow arches up as he takes the man in, the large hands, the rugged handsomeness as opposed the beauty that most Belles have. However, there is no judgment in the small man's eyes.

Koray blinks in surprise at James' applause. Apparently Erik has a fan amongst the fae. With a faint raising of his eyebrows and shake of his head, he forges onward down the agenda. "Now I want to turn the floor over to you to make any introductions or announcements you wish to. After that I have one more item and then we can end the formal part of court." He reaches a hand over to brush Mikoto's back and then folds it with his other in front of him as the others begin their announcements.

Rolf remains silent in his seat, reaching down to pluck at the slacks covering his knee - apparently satisfied with the result his hands move back to settling on his right knee. His head tilts to take in Erik and Gretchen, and he slides his gaze back to Koray.

Teadora smiles as the introductions seem to have been completed, she inclines her head to each of the newcomers again, before stepping forward, "I am overjoyed again, to welcome so many new faces to our court, and wish to humbly introduce my own new face. I introduce James, as my Pomme d'Ardeur, who due to his lovely and unique nature, I pray will be with us for many courts to come." she says, turning to offer James her true smile, warm and bright.

James gives a little wave of his hand to the assembled vampires. He's clearly uncertain of what he does in this situation, but is quite comfortable with waving. Tea's smile distracts his attention, and he apparently decides to focus on that until they're allowed to go.

Ember looks to Teadora then to the man she introduces. She half-smiles at Teadora then to James whether they can see her in the crowd or not. Violet eyes take inventory of the room, and the girlish vampire considers her words and whether they will be spoken at this time or not. Perhaps another will mention it.

Gretchen smiles to James. So nice to have new folks around, it is. She inclines her head to the man at Tea's side. On her ay back to apparently staring at Koray all evening, Her eyes pause at Rolf, hanging there a moment as if marking his face for a further thought before continuing on.

Turning, Jivin looks back to Teadora and James. The woman is offered a slow, but warm wink, and the man a nod. For his part, the young vampire seems quite content to stand next to Ember, and just watch.

"Thank you, Teadora and James." Koray goes on to thank the others who made announcements, offering a random platitude here and there. "The final item is the fund raiser that Breena Donovan is organizing in support of the Violent Attack Victims Aid Fund. As you know, part of that fund raiser is bachelor auction, and I would count it as a small favor if any of the bachelors among you would volunteer for that. Also, if any of the rest of you can donate time, talent or items for the silent auction, please contact the Foundation office or Ms. Donovan directly." He looks around the room to see if there are any immediate volunteers.

A shadow passes behind Gretchen's eyes and she steps forward, finally raising her chin and looking pointedly at Koray. She raises an index finger to gather his attention.
Koray notes Gretchen's attention-garnering gesture. "Yes, Temoin?"

Mikoto gives a nod to Tea and James, then turns back to look over the rest of the court. She lifts a hand to tuck a lock of hair behind an ear. The mention of the bachelor auction earns a warm smile, though she tries to hide her amusement at the idea behind her glass as she takes another sip. Eyes glance to Koray before going to Gretchen as she's mentioned by Koray, eyebrows arching faintly in curiosity.

Ivanya's blue eyes settle on Teadora and James for a moment, smiling softly. A nod is given, and the woman still seems somewhat reserved, but happy nonetheless. Back to Koray she looks, at the mention of the fundraiser, lips pursing thoughtfully.

Gretchen clears her throat and steps more into the center of the room, moving pale and colorless in contrast to so many finely dressed vampires and others in the room. Silvery strands tumbling against her long neck, the placid grey vampire raises her somber voice. "There is trouble down in Bridgeport, and the police have been very active with rumors of a killer there. I hear from the Scarlet Women who grace my store for their needs, and they speak in hushed voices about strange people on the street, of things not human," she turns in a slow circle, projecting a voice never meant for public speaking. Good thing vampires have good ears. "It would be my opinion that we should use caution in this area, and avoid hunting those streets until the police again forget that area. It would not do to have the blame placed on an innocent vampire than on the rightful malefactor."

Rolf watches Gretchen speak, paying attention to her words. His gaze slides to Koray, to Ember and back to Gretchen. For the first time he speaks, his voice a soft, thin whisper. "Perhaps more information should be gathered. Assisting the human authorities with such a predicament - within our means and legal authority - would garner our master favors to be used in the future. Killing humans in the streets of this American city is killing in our master's proverbial backyard."

Koray nods somberly. "Agreed. I had heard of the murders of course. And as expanding on that, know that we will all be under more scrutiny no matter where we are." He scans the room, his eyes hard. "I remind you all to /think/ before you act. Even doing something legal can be politically disastrous for us, and I will not hesitate to punish the stupid anymore than the guilty." He keeps his power in check this time, but his tone makes it quite clear he's very serious about this." To Rolf he says, "I think we are better off leaving this to the human authorities. The do not need to feel we don't trust them to handle it. If they need our help, the do know how to contact us."

Ivanya's attention slides easily to Rolf as he speaks. She looks over the man as he does so, a flicker in her eyes. Respect. An odd thing from Ivanya, perhaps, but it's there. She nods smally as he speaks, and her thumb traces over the engraving on the collar in her hand slowly.

Turning, Jivin whispers softly to Ember, canting his head just a bit curiously to the side. Perhaps he is seeking some advice or clarification from his mentor.

Gretchen looks to Rolf and nods, her eyebrow arching at his suggestion, but turns to Koray with a bit of surprise as he declines the suggestion. "Begging your pardon, sir," she dips one knee to Koray, lowering in an abbreviated curtsey. "But we have access to resources the police do not have, and it is ever so easy to whisper in the right ear as to where to look. It would indeed be foolish to openly conduct a search, but a few subtle questions and eyes open to the night could not hurt our equity with the human authorities."

Rene turns a raised-brow look upon Gretchen with her dissenting words. That gaze slides quickly towards Koray, and the crease between his brows stays put. The arm around Ivanya snugs her closer into his side.

"Of course, sir. I would add only that we might only increase their trust of your people until they see us act. Left to their own the still-beating will never come to us to solicit assistance. They must feel that we come on our own." Rolf's voice is still whisper-soft, but his face is placid and calm - and a moment later he dips his head politely. "I seek only to clarify, and will respect your wishes as my master."

Ember regards Gretchen highly as the Grey Lady stands more in the center and speaks wisely of caution. It will be another lesson for Jivin, something else to talk about and perhaps a reason to broaden the spectrum of his training. Violet eyes move to the vampire Ember understands to be Rolf. The woman in white nods and understands his concern, but the decision is left to Koray. And it is only moments later that Koray speaks. His word is law within the underbelly of the city. His law and human law. At Jivin's whisper, she nods and turns to whisper something to him. She turns back to the room. Stepping forward, "May I remind the court that we are all oathed to Koray? We are the eyes and ears of the city, our lives and loyalty to our master, Koray." Her voice breaks harsh at her next words "And any such information should be turned over to the Master of the City, his Temoin, or his Droite."

Jivin cants his head to listen to Ember's return whisper, then he nods his head, a serious look in those dark eyes of his that belies his normal nature. He turns his attention then to listening to what all the others have to say, crossing his arms over his chest as he does so, letting his eyes flick from one to the other as they speak.

Koray eyes Gretchen, then shrugs. "Of course we do. And they have access to resources we don't. The police have already lost a portion of my trust, and frankly, I am not inclined to step on their toes in any organized fashion. Of course if you do have information about the killings, then we should bring that to the attention of the police." A nod toward Ember, then: "And yes, I want you to come to me first and we can then best decide how to approach the police."

Rolf falls silent then, his hands still resting on his knees. His head tilts slightly as he regards those speaking. He is quiet, any power coming from him is tightly held and moderated as he returns to his still, statue like demeanor.

Gretchen gaze turns to Ember and that fog shields, becomes something colder and harder. A frown threatens to crease her lips, just a flicker at the corner. A look between the two, and her eyes a flicker of shrewd appraisal, and not terribly pleased. "Thank you for reminding us of our oaths. I will be sure to remember," she says quietly, and her lips fall silent, though doubtlessly her thoughts rage on in silence.

If Ember notes dissatisfaction with Gretchen, she does not show it. She dips her chin respectfully and speaks properly, her tone appropriate of an ancient court, "I would not suspect you capable of forgetting fealty to our master, Temoin." Her words drip with truth for those that can taste it. At that, Ember returns to her charge with her head held high, slipping her hand around Jivin's arm again. Her attention is for the court at large but particularly for Koray and Mikoto.

Gretchen just smiles. She raises to her feet, and stands, waiting patiently.

Jivin looks down to Ember, and settles his hand over her own once more. He turns his attention to Koray, since it seems the others are done speaking for the moment.

Koray watches the interchange between his temoin and droite with a frown, but says nothing for the moment. "If there is nothing else, then this court is adjourned. Please avail yourself of the refreshments and feel free to stay and chat if you wish."

Rolf dips his head politely and rises to his feet as the master finishes his words. His hands slide in front of him to clasp hands together and he watches as the various vampires and pommes around the area begin to descend on food (for the humans) and each other for conversation and sharing of gossip (for the vampires).

Gretchen turns as Koray releases the masses, and moves to the doors, signaling the men there to unlock the doors. Music starts from somewhere, and the conversational hum rises in the room. There's the sound of glasses being clinked and plates meeting forks. catering has always been second to none at this function. Gretchen tends to the work in the room.

Ember whispers something to Jivin and together they move towards the doors.